Blogging is not as Easy as I Thought

Since my attempts at becoming a baking blogger have failed the past year (mainly due to no internet at my home) I thought what it was about time to get my butt in gear and do what I’ve been talking about doing FOREVER!
Instead of setting such high expectations for myself (mainly because of this blog I read ALL THE TIME, she is amazing) I thought, let’s start small and commit to 2-3 blog entries a week.:)

I have yet to share this with any of my friends or family so anyone randomly browsing the internet and finding my blog on oh page 50 of your google search, I hope you find this  an enjoyable to read. It may be a little cliche, a little cheezy (who am I kidding, a whole lot of cheesy) but it’s from the heart and my brain and a way for me to let out all of these thoughts, ideas, curiosities I have going on up there!

If you’d like to know all about my non professional experience, please check my All About Me section 🙂


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