Hello Blogging World!

I have not a stinkin clue about what I’m doing but here we go! Just like my life, this blog will at times seem like a hot mess, with inconsistent posting, excessive posting and random posts from Instagram (I’m still not sure how that whole process works). I started this blog for a outlet to share all the wonderful kitchen concoctions I’ve created over the past few years, to improve my writing (I think it’s something I am passionate about but was always told I wasn’t very good at writing) and to have a place to share all the more luxurious blog postings I come accosss on a daily basis.

As of right now I have 2 followers, I guess that’s better than none. My going is to have 10 by the summer of 2013 – come on peeps!

Lastly, I take random pics a lot, sometimes of food – feel free to follow me on Instagram @ lillykate522 or on

Twitter @lillybake 🙂

BTW – Lilly is my dog and I use her name alot as my alias for social media outlets….Don’t ask, ha.


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