The Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie

The chocolate chip cookie has been a staple in most American households for decades. Growing up in a home where baking was very by the book….aka following the directions off the back of the tollhouse bag or some generic brand for that matter…yes, my mom was a penny pincher especially when it came to purchasing groceries. Our cookies always came out rather flat, usually overdone and just good enough to choke down with a glass of ice cold milk. There were the occasional chips-ahoy bags laying around which obviously would be used in desparate measures to fulfill my cookie fix (my younger brothers on the other hand could inhale them without coming up for air…not even once). I had my best friend Jenny, and Jenny’s mom who made the most scrumptious chocolate chip cookie I had ever tasted as a child, youngster, young adult, you name it. A little crunchy around the edges but oh so soft and gooey in the middle. They were divine. On numerous occasions we would discuss the recipe she used to make these oh so divine cookies and the answer would always be the same, “honey, I just use the toll house recipe on the back of the bag like everyone else does”….YA RIGHT Mrs. Silvestri, I’m on to you! Needless to say, I could never get the full story about what made her chocolate chip cookies so amazing but I vowed to myself that one day I would make the perfect cookie. Well folks, I think I have conquered that mountain. I have made my fair share of CCC’s in the past years of my life using different chocolates, butter/margarine, bread flour/all-purpose flour, freezing the dough, not freezing the dough…playing around with different oven temperatures. You name it, I’ve done it. came across this recipe on a blog that I’m not sure still exists but OBVIOUSLY the sea salt aspect intrigued me. With a few minor tweaks and some finger crossing, these cookies evolved into PERFECTION. Sorry Mrs. Silvestri but I’ve brought my A game to the CCC bake off and FINALLY I think I’m ready to give you a run for your money!

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe


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