Lifetime movie Obsession

Lifetime Christmas movies. I am obsessed. Like I can.not.get.enough. I will easily watch 2-3 of them in a sitting and maybe even ones I’ve already seen. Yep, I’ve got issues. It’s not like it’s semi horrible acting that you could possibly see in movie form and it’s not like the plots are so predictable I probably could have written them, no way, it’s Golden Globe status material people. One might never know why I’m hooked but the minute I turn on the Lifetime channel, it’s over, goodbye 4 productive hours I could have used doing something else like say baking a delicious dessert to post on my “baking blog” rather than rant about my love of Lifetime Christmas movies. Do I march to the beat of my own drum, I think so.

Anyone else have this problem? Anyone?

(Disclaimer – while I might have “bashed” the writing/acting in these movies it’s a love/hate feeling because I LOVE when I predict the ending of a movie and it actually happens. I get all giddy and warm inside and I’m left feeling great as opposed to feeling defeated like I’ve been when not predicting the ending of a movie).



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