National Margarita Day


In honor of NMD, I was bound and determined to get one of the city’s best margarita’s. The Big Star margarita is so delicious and reminds me of Josh-Rita’s (my dear friend’s margarita concoction that truly made me love tequila!). Ryan and I waited over an hour in the cold and light snow (I know, boo-hoo) to get our hands on these margaritas – it was well worth the wait. Oh and the tacos are also the bomb diggity 🙂


My Experience with the 10-Day Detox (joy.)

I’m currently wrapping up a 10 day detox and let me tell you, if feels like the days leading up to summer break! It’s like you just can’t wait for school (detox) to be over, but when the last day finally arrives, your sort of sad, and wake up the next morning not having to go to school (or eat steel-cut oats for the 11 day in a row) and are like, what now?

I’m sure some folks would disagree, but I have gone through an emotional rollercoaster in regards to food these past 10 days and a small part of me is sad it’s over (teeny tiny small part).

Prior to starting this detox I did a bunch of research on the internet from reading blogs, health websites, Dr. Oz – you name it and I read it. Most of the information was repetitive; providing lists of what you can/can’t eat, the importance of rest and relaxation and of course how great you’re going to feel when these “toxins” are released from your body. I never came across a clear explanation of what these toxins were and how they were affecting my body but toxins are bad right? And I definitely don’t think they have much business being in my body so ridding them is exactly what I was looking to do.

The amount of time a person spends on a detox was also a hot topic. Some articles suggested that you had to spend at least 30 days ridding yourself of toxins to reap the full benefits. Others believed 2 weeks is suffice and someone even suggested a weekend “cleanse” can be beneficial – seriously, 2 days? Believer I am not. I was finding the common theme of 10 days appealing and so it was set – A 10 day detox.

After reading through the how to’s about conducting a detox, I really couldn’t find one that fit perfect with what I wanted to achieve and also doable with my lifestyle. So I took a little bit of this and a little bit of that from the top few articles/websites and came up with a plan.

My goal was to consume none of the following for 10 days: caffeine, alcohol (yikes), sugar, wheat and dairy.

I made a list of everything I COULD eat and started to strategize the meals I could prepare with this list. Being a huge baker and sometimes inspired cook, this list wasn’t much to work with. I mean how do you bake without sugar, dairy or wheat for that matter. I guess it was going to be 10 days of not using my Kitchen-Aid mixer 😦

List of what I could eat:

Where I got my protein from:

  • Chicken (organic when possible)
  • Fish (organic when possible)
  • Beans beans and more beans!
  • Sweet Potatoes

Grains that I wish where yummy pasta and toasty bread:

  • Brown Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Steel Cut Oats

Everything fruits and vegetables – I kept high sugar count fruits to a minimum – while healthy can be harmful to my detox if over indulged in.

Other Stuff – raw agave sweetener (I used honey sometimes); spices including sea salt; olive oil occasionally; nuts and seeds (raw and salt free, cashews were my favorite! Trader Joe’s has a TON of options.)

Things that I included occasionally, mainly toward the end: raw trail mix; mustard; Green Goddess naked juice drink (YUM, but in small doses), avocados.

LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER – This may be the most important part of the detox as the water “flushes” out all the toxins. I also drank a ton of decaffeinated teas.

My favorite meals:

  • Quinoa with black beans and avocado
  • Baked Kale
  • Bean salad
  • Steel Cut oats with Blueberries
  • Fresh Fish and Sweet Potatoes

I will post the recipes when I get the chance but for the most part it was just mixing up the things I could eat and trying to keep the variety interesting which was extremely challenging. The only good thing, I’m a person who usually eats the same thing for breakfast and lunch on a daily basis. Eating Steel Cut Oats in the morning and quinoa for lunch was quite satisfying. Dinner is where I struggled and going out, for get about it – My boyfriend (who was also doing the detox with me, saint I know) pretty much locked ourselves up for the night and weekend days during the detox (quite challenging for our relationship but that’s a whole nother post – we made it through and I still love him so no permanent damage done 🙂 ).

Overall this was a great experience that I’ve always been interested in trying and could see myself doing again in the future. I definitely felt a whole lot better after the 10 days were over and hope to keep some of the good habits in my everyday routine.

Last confession – I ate chocolate at some point of the detox – I’m not going to go into detail about the when’s and the whys but I did it. I know, cheater, ha.