Bathing in the Internet – Post 1

Happy Friday! It’s been the worst few days of Spring here in the great city of Chicago for as long as I can remember – seriously it was 20 degrees this morning. It’s not even right. Luckily, me and the bf head to Coco Beach on Tuesday for some overdue R & R.

I plan on doing some soul searching and getting my priorities in order on this vaca – priority # 1, get this blog in order now that I’ve told a few people that it exists! (Totes have my priorities straight, right?)

I’m going to be totally cliche and start a weekly posting about all the wonderful things the internet has to offer, and go!

1. Perfectly appropriate for a Friday read, 26 Ways to Have an Awesome Weekend.

2. Do them all, all the time, nonstop. Maybe I need to print/laminate this article ๐Ÿ™‚ 19 Things to Stop Doing in Your 20’s.

3. Don’t worry this “list” isn’t going to always be a list of other lists, ha. STOP! I’m new at this! This article was passed along by my girl Kate, who knows my anxieties oh so well – Oops, I accidentally Wasted my 20’s.

4. Probably should get on this tasks ASAP. Then again, I’ve been putting it off for 28 years ๐Ÿ™‚ Overhaul Your Closet.

5. Not ending this list with a list, I think everyone should subscribe to this newsletter. It’s great and informative; do it. – The Skimm.


TGIF Folks.


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