Milwaukee’s Flashing Lights

Ryan and I went to Milwaukee last weekend to visit one of his closest friends, Brad. I had never been before so my expectations were somewhere between low and nonexistent. It turned into one of the best times I’ve had in a while. Good food, great people and a full on dance party. When I hear the music, I just.can’t.stop. A huge thanks to Brad for his wonderful hospitality. We definitely will be back very soon…Here are a few pics from our adventure!







Since I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thing – I still haven’t figured out the proper way to upload pics and add captions 😦 HELP!

Anywho – the above pictures capture our dinner at Market – one of the coolest places. You can purchase good from a bunch of different “shops” including a seafood “deli” where a lot of the high end restaurants in MKE get there goods. You can also order dinner and eat right at the oyster bar. That’s my lobster dinner up there, amaze.

We also went to a great German Beer Hall- the food looked amazing but we had just come from the Market so only brew hau haus were on our mind 🙂

Yes, that bloody mary has a slider on top of it – Ryan was in heaven.


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