Bathing in the Internet – Post 4

1. Born and raised in the Midwest, there are just some things folks from other parts of the country don’t.get. If you’re a Midwesterner, you’ll get a kick out of this article.
2. My friend Kate sent this post to me on Friday, it really moved me. It was also ironic since earlier in the day I had a conversation with one of my coworkers in regards to women who are never satisfied with the way they look, which is almost every woman. WHY do we do this to ourselves!?! I’ve yet to come across women who has in or is currently struggling with body issues. I’ve been there, and I find myself there again and again. But luckily when I find myself in this negative place I quickly recommit to love my body the way it is and to stop being so hard on myself. Oh well if I miss a workout and who cares if I indulge in amazing food….I’m a baker, I’m a foodie – but I’m also a person who really enjoys turning up the tunes and getting my workout on. I need to realize that I do my best to live a balanced lifestyle and that is good enough for me 🙂
3. Speaking of re-committing, I’m pretty sure I started this blog to showcase my baking skills —– UM, yep I’ve been failing at this task. To be honest, I just don’t have the right equipment, lighting, skills (blah, blah, blah) to show you amazing step by step pictures – I spend hours looking at these amazing cooking blogs with their fancy photography work and I hate to admit this but it’s discouraging 😦 I know poor me – pity party for one. BUT then I remind myself, practice makes perfect. So, I’m going to recommit to the baking portion of this blog and I’m starting with this bread, and those and OMG this!
4. Starting a blog mostly about baking isn’t just about making tasty treats, it’s also about writing! Over the past year, writing has intrigued more and more so much that I wiggled my way into taking a writing class for work. While it’s mostly about business writing, there’s a ton of relatable information that cross over into my blog writing. I yearn to become recognized as a decent writer and truly work at it every single day. This is why I like reading articles about other writer’s perspectives, like this one.
5. I’d love to be hanging out in any one of these hammocks right about now – except hanging off the side of a mountain —- not my cup of tea 🙂

Bathing in the Internet – Post 3

1. Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban – The Highway Don’t Care. Being a lover of all that is country, I was estatic when I saw their performance on the ACM Awards show. Love them all as individual artists and even more so together – this song moved me a great deal. I must listen.
2. Daily Motivation from “The Berry”  – What gets you excited about working out?
3. We’ve all been here, and some of us might still be here in some fashion. I don’t know what it is about articles about 20 something year old’s being poor – I get it and I sympathize 🙂
4. I pretty much have about a year’s worth of relating to blog posting about being in your 20’s and then I have to move on…or do I? I’m pretty sure the day I turn 30 I will feel no different and I don’t expect to suddenly relate to those in their 30’s – I mean, do folks even write about being in their 30’s? Is being 30 just so boring that no one takes the time to write a blog post about it? Welp, I guess I’ll find out soon enough 😦
5. Apparently my transition from crocheting to knitting is gonna happen while it’s on the up and up 🙂
6. I eat toast for breakfast almost everyday – more specifically, avocado toast. I LOVE bread and even more, I love bread perfectly toasted with avocado or just plain butter. This girl like’s toast just as much as me! I also thought her way of making it was the broke girl’s version (I did this back way when I couldn’t afford a toaster) but I was happy to affirm it’s the BEST way. Even though I have a fancy 4 slice toaster at home, I made my toast in the oven this weekend – pure bliss 🙂
7. Ryan and I watch Friends every, single night – I wouldn’t mind them throwing in an episode of bloopers every now and then. This you tube clip is just the tip of the iceberg – HAPPY MONDAY!
PS – I mean’t to post this over the weekend but failed – mainly due to the lack of internet at mi casa.

Bathing in the Internet – Post 2

1. I am a self certified realist. Or so I’d like to believe. What goes on in my brain would have most staying that I am a pessimist but when I read the definition of a pessimist I seriously become frightened; I do not want to be like that. This article resonated a lot with me – and if your anything like me, you’ll enjoy it tremendously. More to come in the future about my realistic pessimistically optimist outlook on life 🙂
2. Obviously being an new blogger/writer this article was super helpful:
3. Loved her on the Bachelor, on the Bachelorette and even now! Also, she’s a new blogger (except I’m pretty sure she has way more followers, ha.)
Check out Emily Maynard’s Blog:
4. It’s national Grilled Cheese Month and I know we all love a delicious slideshow of yummy food! Check some of my faves out :

In Chicago and desperately craving a grilled cheese – check out these places:
5. I’m starting another blog category titles “Trending in the Kitchen”. Ya, I’m pretty sure I am over exerting myself on this blog thing that I don’t think anyone is even reading.

I later in the day realized that was extremely sloppy of me to literally put the links in this post and not use hyperlinks – I probably would care more if I had more readers but for now let’s chalk it up to my inexperience in blogging 🙂 Happy Friday Y’All!