Bathing in the Internet – Post 2

1. I am a self certified realist. Or so I’d like to believe. What goes on in my brain would have most staying that I am a pessimist but when I read the definition of a pessimist I seriously become frightened; I do not want to be like that. This article resonated a lot with me – and if your anything like me, you’ll enjoy it tremendously. More to come in the future about my realistic pessimistically optimist outlook on life 🙂
2. Obviously being an new blogger/writer this article was super helpful:
3. Loved her on the Bachelor, on the Bachelorette and even now! Also, she’s a new blogger (except I’m pretty sure she has way more followers, ha.)
Check out Emily Maynard’s Blog:
4. It’s national Grilled Cheese Month and I know we all love a delicious slideshow of yummy food! Check some of my faves out :

In Chicago and desperately craving a grilled cheese – check out these places:
5. I’m starting another blog category titles “Trending in the Kitchen”. Ya, I’m pretty sure I am over exerting myself on this blog thing that I don’t think anyone is even reading.

I later in the day realized that was extremely sloppy of me to literally put the links in this post and not use hyperlinks – I probably would care more if I had more readers but for now let’s chalk it up to my inexperience in blogging 🙂 Happy Friday Y’All!


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