Bathing in the Internet – Post 3

1. Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban – The Highway Don’t Care. Being a lover of all that is country, I was estatic when I saw their performance on the ACM Awards show. Love them all as individual artists and even more so together – this song moved me a great deal. I must listen.
2. Daily Motivation from “The Berry”  – What gets you excited about working out?
3. We’ve all been here, and some of us might still be here in some fashion. I don’t know what it is about articles about 20 something year old’s being poor – I get it and I sympathize 🙂
4. I pretty much have about a year’s worth of relating to blog posting about being in your 20’s and then I have to move on…or do I? I’m pretty sure the day I turn 30 I will feel no different and I don’t expect to suddenly relate to those in their 30’s – I mean, do folks even write about being in their 30’s? Is being 30 just so boring that no one takes the time to write a blog post about it? Welp, I guess I’ll find out soon enough 😦
5. Apparently my transition from crocheting to knitting is gonna happen while it’s on the up and up 🙂
6. I eat toast for breakfast almost everyday – more specifically, avocado toast. I LOVE bread and even more, I love bread perfectly toasted with avocado or just plain butter. This girl like’s toast just as much as me! I also thought her way of making it was the broke girl’s version (I did this back way when I couldn’t afford a toaster) but I was happy to affirm it’s the BEST way. Even though I have a fancy 4 slice toaster at home, I made my toast in the oven this weekend – pure bliss 🙂
7. Ryan and I watch Friends every, single night – I wouldn’t mind them throwing in an episode of bloopers every now and then. This you tube clip is just the tip of the iceberg – HAPPY MONDAY!
PS – I mean’t to post this over the weekend but failed – mainly due to the lack of internet at mi casa.

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