Bathing in the Internet – Post 6

1. How have I not known about this baker/blogger before now?? Joy the Baker is definitely one of my new go-to blogs for recipe ideas and an inspiration to this “blogger”. 
2. I recently moved into a new townhome with my wonderful bf and am attempting to dive into this whole DIY…honestly, part of the reason is that my “budget” doesn’t fit my “taste”, so DIY it is! I came across this websitethis one and obviously Pinterest. At this point, I’m convinced I will go insane with all the ideas roaming around my lovely head. How in the world is DIY possible with a full time job? Tips, tricks, pointers? Send them my way!
3. Just a little pick me up if you’re having one of those “is this really my fucking life” days 🙂 Come on, we all have them, and if you don’t….you’re lying to yourself!
4. I’m loving this Birchbox blog – seriously I’ve been a fan of the Birchbox for almost a year now; it’s the best $10 bucks I spend every month. I literally get as excited as I do on Christmas (my ultimate holiday!) Buuuuutttt, I recently read this article that talks about the “layers” of products you should/could use on a daily basis…Seriously? Who has time for this
5. I don’t watch this show but I might have to start, this chick is funny.

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