Bathing in the Internet – Post 7

1. I had the best vegan muffin over the summer in NYC. Seriously, I probably think about this muffin on a weekly basis. We stopped by this quaint bakery/cafe before setting out for day, which was AMAZING – I heart Brooklyn (more to come on that) but seriously, I mentioned this muffin like ten times that day…it was that DELICIOUS!
2. Ah, my favorite time of year, Fall! Raise your hand if you feel the same way, yep i thought so. If you’re a baker, fall is like you’re Christmas (well besides the actually Christmas :)). Combo that with cozy sweaters and rockin boots – does it get any better. Love Fall as much as I do, please click here.
3. I have a confession – I’m turning into my mother, aka – Patty Skiling! I enjoy going on the weather channel website um, probably at least 3 times a day – really? Is the weather going to change over the course of 2 hours, probably not….BUT, I check it anyways. #somethingsaresotrue Well, I came across this gem of a slideshow and thought it was worth sharing!
4. I made this tonight, oh and this too 🙂 Neither one looks like the picture but tasting AMAZING.
5. I’ve signed up to give it a go at this Whole30 “lifestyle” diet with some girls at work. I’m not quite sure what to expect but I suspect those two delicious recipes above are not part of the Whole30 lifestyle 🙂 On another health related note, do you know what stress can really do to your body? All the years of being a high anxiety (high energy as my doctor says) stress-ish person and it’s finally catching up with me. Seriously, stress is no joke!
6. Just because I haven’t posted in a while and I was inspired by the lovely lady of Cupcakes and Cashmere – here is my Fall To-Do List:
Fall  to do list
 Go to the pumpkin patch with my nephew Jack. 
 FINALLY make an actual pie, not just pie inspired desserts 🙂
 Attempt a few new homemade bread receipts.
 Put together my list of items I want to crochet 
 Have friends over on a chilly fall night for a Harvest party. Drink spiked cider and eat delicious comfort foods.
 Take Lilly for more walks before it starts to SNOW!
 Watch a few classic movies
 Decorate the town home with homemade Fall decor (might have to head to the suburbs to collect supplies :))
 Learn how to knit 🙂