Bathing in the Internet – Thanksgiving Edition


1. I’ve been talking for months about diving into some more traditional Polish dishes. I definitely know a thing or two about making stuffed cabbage, polish sausage and kraut and the traditional holiday cookie, the Kolacky but these recipes take it to the next level and I can’t wait to dive in.
2. These links might be a little to late, but if you haven’t started your Thanksgiving planning, here are two great postings to check out – Serious Eats Survival Guide and William Sonoma’s Planning Guide. I am crazy about Thanksgiving but I often get overwhelmed with recipes and have been known to “over do” the menu….sweet potato gnocchi anybody?? (that was the year I passed out from exhaustion before my beautiful dinner was even served :().
3. I have yet to actually make a pie – like a traditional 9″ crust, filling pie. I’ve made mini versions of them in cute muffin pans but never the real deal – I think I’ll start with this 🙂 Something about the topping of that apple pie is calling my name.
4. Along with Thanksgiving brings the taunting task of Christmas shopping! Don’t get me wrong, this gal loves to shop but I tend to over complicate the whole process – Looking and searching for the perfect gift and then ultimately running around like a crazy lady the week before because nothing seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. This year, it’s gut instinct and I think these type of gift guides are just what I need. This girl knows her stuff 🙂
5. I don’t know about you but this is my FAVORITE time of year – chilly weather, warm fireplaces, snowy days/nights, wintry cocktails, and the company of good friends and family…Just makes me feel all cozy inside. If you’re nodding your head, check out this post, take me to any of those places, ASAP.

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