Christmas Cheer!

cheer beer


A few holiday thoughts brought to you by Bathing in Chocolate:

I’ve seen quite a few postings on Facebook over the past year referencing each day for 30 days what someone is thankful for. They are always heartfelt and simple and leaving me to think, I should do that. The only problem is, I’m not a big status poster nor do I want to start!
None the less, these posts always kept me thinking (especially around the holidays) that I should be thankful more often, do more things for others and less for myself – overall be a better person…who doesn’t need to work on that, ha!
When I came across this posting on the Lululemon blog it totally caught my attention – “No Humbug Challenge”. The concept is so caring/thoughtful and although it requires a tad more effort than a quick post, it’s right up my alley. It also has a bit of irony considering the Christmas season is the time of year where I am usually my happiest and have no problem getting into the spirit – this challenge will just push my holiday cheer boundaries! (Note: there are a few challenges I will be “modifying” considering I don’t plan on spending anytime at the airport – plenty of that during my Thanksgiving travels). Ready to get started? Even though it’s a few days in, there’s no one stopping you from doing a few of the items all in one night 🙂
Looking to jump start your holiday spirit? Check out this list from Hello Giggles – Um, I’ve already completed 4! #holidaycrazy While your over at Hello Giggles, do a quick search on “holiday”, you’re very welcome 🙂 #sorryimnotsorry
CHEER BEER!!! I love it, can’t get enough. Apparently I’m the only one. I had my dad running all over Minneapolis trying to find it as I was convinced everyone was going to love it! They did not 😦 #moreforme