Feel Good for the New Year!

I’m not going to start off this post by saying, “this is something new I’m trying in 2014 and like I will totally be posting weekly…blah, blah, blah” by now, we all (the handful of us who read this blog) know that I am an inconsistent blogger. Super duper inconsistent. As much as it is my intention to become better and post more often, it’s been a real struggle for me! So, for a new goal I’m not going to hold myself to a certain number of postings a week / month but continue to post when I’m inspired and lets face it, have the time!

For this “Feel Good Links” post, I wanted to highlight some interesting links I’ve come across that are really meant to make you feel good (or help you achieve that “feel good feeling”). Hope you enjoy!

If you live in the Midwest (specifically Chicago for me), you are FEELING the winter blues. Like to the tenth degree. It has been the worst and the idea of warmer weather is no where to be found in the near future, in fact it will hit -20 (without the wind chill!!!) Tuesday. FML – why god, why. Check out this post about what to do when it’s this muther freakin cold out!

To continue with my detoxing research, I’d like to share this post about a super quick and easy morning detoxing routine that everyone could easily start!

I’m sure there are a million blog posts out there reviewing the gazillon makeup options offered to us ladies but I came across this one and really enjoyed it – I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to deciding on what makeup to buy so any / all suggestions are welcomed with open arms 🙂

Who doesn’t love when someone does a little bit of research on finding the “best bang for your buck” on wine – I mean, I obviously appreciate it as I did write this little ol’ post. Check out this one from People.

Lastly, lets touch upon resolutions as it is January and they are supposed to make us “feel better”, right? I found these two postings to be wonderfully refreshing compared to the traditional, self improvement resolutions. This chick is great and I totally love her blog – and this post, which sort of crass using the f word a ton, is just.so.awesome.



It seems like this is the time of year that everywhere I turn, there’s a article / blog posting discussing detoxes…. and a big part of me loves it!

I did two detoxes in 2013 and both were “great” in their unique way 🙂 The first one (which I posted my daily diary about it here) I did early on in the year with Ryan – the high level idea was cutting out the following foods for 10 days:

  • Meats

  • Dairy

  • Wheat/Gluten (basically all fluffy, flourly carbs!)

  • Caffeine

  • Sugar

  • Alcohol

What did I eat you say? A LOT of beans, quinoa, avocado, nuts and steel cut oats with various fruits. I seriously lived on the same three meals a day, which for me who tends to eat the same things on a regular basis wasn’t terrible, it was just the knowing that I was restricted to eating just those things that played mind games! It’s one thing when you choose to eat a certain way, like how I choose to eat a deliciously healthy salad for lunch and follow it up with a handful of M&M’s (I.can’t.stop) but to be so restricted! Yep, mini mental breakdowns!

Overall it was great and successful! (minus the teeny tiny glass of wine :)) We didn’t immediately go back to eating the “forbidden foods” but over time, they all snuck their way back into our lives kitchen – YOLO 🙂

The second “detox” I did was with some ladies at work and was called the Whole30. I’m sure most have heard about this as it seems to be getting a lot of internet coverage lately (including different versions such as Paleo). I probably wouldn’t consider this a detox as it is 30 days and really does change the way you think about food. The basis of this “lifestyle” was to eat like the cavemen/women did – so meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts. I definitely felt a little bit more freedom then during the first detox but having been a vegetarian for about 5 years prior to last summer, eating meat was a challenge. Unfortunately I couldn’t replace meat with beans/legumes or quinoa so the beginning was tough – but as the days / weeks went on, I really felt great! Afterwards I continued on with a Paleo type lifestyle and even today tend to shy away from those yummy carbs (I’ve had to face the facts that those lovelies sometimes are just not great for my tummy). That doesn’t mean I don’t indulge in baked goods every now and then…I’M A BAKER, its a lifestyle I chose many moons ago!

That brings me to today, where I’ve been contemplating when to start my next detox. I feel good knowing that I’ve done this before and confident I can stick with it but you definitely have to make sure you’re mentally ready. Like for instance, can you resist that amazingly delicious buffalo chicken dip at the Superbowl party…Um, I think not. So that means I probably won’t get started till mid-February, which is fine! My whole thing about detoxing or lifestyle changes is that you should be doing it for you and only you – not because some internet posting, magazine article or detox  junkie you meet tells you you have to. This thought process is also good to remember during the detox when you’re faced with a challenge like saying no to a glass of wine at a party where everyone is slurping down amazing cocktails and eating their weight in tacos….if having a teeny tiny glass of wine gets you through the night, and that’s your only slip-up, give yourself a pat on the back my friend!

While most detoxes are similar, the one I’ve be fixated on lately is from GOOP (Gwyneth Paltrow). I know, I know, everyone thinks she’s just so amazing, and yes I am one of those people but besides that, GOOP gives you such a great detoxing recipe lineup that it actually seems doable for anyone who’s never tried a detox.

Ryan, who wasn’t thrilled about any part of the first one we did, even seemed more optimistic about this one!

You can check out the details here and some great recipes here!

And of course EOnline did an interview with Gweeny talking about her detoxing tips which you can read here.

So that’s my little diddy about detoxing – Enjoy!

Detox Journal January 2013

Day 1: Tuesday, January 8th

What I Miss: Coffee!!! Just the smell is driving me crazy.

How I felt waking up: Hoping I could get through the first day without feeling too deprived. I’ve been telling a few folks about my plan so if nothing else, they can keep me in check.

How I felt working out: No workout today….I felt extremely fatigue toward the end of the day and decided a trip to the grocery story was a better idea.

How I felt at the end of the day: TIRED and fuzzy.

Biggest Struggle of the Day: Going to the grocery store. I was quiet agitated with everything and everyone. I tried to stay on a path that I could avoid seeing anything that was not part of the detox. I’m not going to lie, I definitely gazed longingly at the cheese area and bakery selections. Overall I was able to get in and out with the following items:

  • Brown Rice
  • Barley (NOT part of the detox 😦 I’ve been looking at so many lists and didn’t realize it was part of the excluded food items)
  • Beans, Beans, Beans of all kinds
  • Green Pepper
  • Onion
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Agave

Oh yes, this is gonna be exciting 😦

How I feel physically/emotionally:

  • Tired
  • Headaches
  • Fuzzy
  • Anxious about the next 9 days

Day 2: Wednesday January 9th

What I miss: Coffee again

How I felt waking up: good, I enjoy the early bedtimes which leave me quite refreshed in the AM.

How I felt working out: Good, I did cardio and weights. Definitely can tell it wasn’t as intense as I normally would workout but overall it was a success.

How I felt at the end of the day: tired

Biggest Struggle of the Day: No coffee

How I feel physically/emotionally: not sure….I don’t feel that different than I normally do although I definitely feel more relax since were not rushing out to me people or go somewhere. So, not sure if I feel more relax because of the detox or because of the not having anything to rush out for.

Day 3: Thursday, January 10th

What I miss: Chocolate, really bad

How I felt waking up: Good, rested

How I felt working out: still a little fatigued…had to stop jump roping more than usual but was able to get through 40 minutes of cardio.

How I felt at the end of the day: Surprisingly I was wide awake and stayed up until 11ish. I like the relaxing feeling of just doing nothing.

Biggest Struggle of the Day: We had 2 tasting for Friday lunch and one was Italian…it took every ounce of self restraint to not eat even one noodle.

How I feel physically/emotionally: Good. Not great but good. I definitely need to increase my water intake which will most likely help with the headaches.

Day 4: Friday, January 11th

What I miss: Friday Lunch!!! I ate the broccoli and tomatoes and cucumbers (and a small bit of hummus) but again, feel unsatisfied.

How I felt waking up: Tired, I definitely shouldn’t have stayed up that late!

How I felt working out: no workout today

How I felt at the end of the day: tired and annoyed…Went to a work baby shower and sipped on a glass of wine for 3 hours. Even though I was surrounded by Mexican food, I only had a tiny bit of chicken and guacamole.

Biggest Struggle of the Day: Not eating all the delicious food.

How I feel physically/emotionally: physically I feel better, emotionally I feel not happy 😦

Day 5: Saturday, January 12th

What I miss: French Toast and Bacon

How I felt waking up: Rested…If feels good to wake up on a Saturday and not be hungover or exhausted

How I felt working out: No workout today

How I felt at the end of the day: tired….ready for some more sleep

Biggest Struggle of the Day: Not eating lunch with my brother and Britt – I rocked Jack to sleep while they were eating to avoid it…..Also, I had a roasted pecan from Xmas while Ryan was still sleeping. I feel bad but I need SUGAR

How I feel physically/emotionally: anti social…what’s the point of going out if you’re not gonna enjoy a cocktail or two. There I said it, that is my stance on drinking and socializing – they go hand in hand.

Day 6: Sunday, January 13th

What I miss: CHOCOLATE – I cheated, see below 🙂

How I felt waking up: RESTED – we slept until noon! Holly cow….and we went to bed relatively early. I mean if you can’t eat and drink, sleeping is the best way to pass the time.

How I felt working out: Cleaning the house. Although this does not constitute as a real workout, I definitely worked up a sweat.

How I felt at the end of the day: Anxious about how moody I’ve been….I realize that good food and a glass of red wine brings me A LOT of happiness and it’s going to be welcomed back into my life with open arms.

Biggest Struggle of the Day: Chocolate after dinner. I cheated and had 5 morsels of dark chocolate and it was heaven.

How I feel physically/emotionally: Physically I feel better, my stomach doesn’t feel over stuffed or crampy or anything it used to feel after a meal….emotionally I do not feel at peace and am just anxious all the time about how I can not wait to have a cup of coffee, a piece of toast and more damn dark chocolate.

Day 7: Monday, January 14th

What I miss: So far nothing!!!

How I felt waking up: Extremely rested and in the best mood I’ve been on a Monday in a long time.

How I felt working out: Great workout – I think my body is FINALLY getting used to working with what I am feeding it. I definitely am not back to doing a 100% intense workout but I feel like I’m definitely on the right path.

How I felt at the end of the day: Good, positive – this whole detox thing isn’t as hard as I thought

Biggest Struggle of the Day: Chocolate (I had 3 morsels of dark chocolate) – I know, cheater, cheater, cheater! I did tell Ryan though which some how made me feel better about the situation.

How I feel physically/emotionally: Happy, lighter, energetic, positive

Day 8: Tuesday, January 15th

What I miss: Again nothing!

How I felt waking up: Well all the energy from Monday carried over into the night time so I was up way past the time my ideal bed time so a a little tired this AM.

How I felt working out: Good, strong – jump roped like a maniac and was able to lift my pre-detox weights so that’s a win in my book 🙂

How I felt at the end of the day: COLD – not that this has anything to do with the detox but I feel really, really cold. It’s like the coldest week in Chicago this winter and I just want to snuggle up in a blanket and be lazy 🙂

Biggest Struggle of the Day: Deciding if I want to end the detox a day early…You mean I can wake up tomorrow morning and eat/drink anything I want. It’s a strange feeling. As much as I would have died to give up on day 3, I know feel like challenging myself to go further – crazy pants, I know.

Okay, I had 3 more morsels of dark chocolate today…..I decided it’s not cheating, it’s modifying and like my cooking/baking, modifying is what I do best 🙂

How I feel physically/emotionally: Great! Positive! Headed to be EARLY, like grandma early 🙂 Looking forward to how rested I feel in the AM.

Day 9: Wednesday, January 16th

Starting to introduce some non detox items into my diet….

What I miss: Nothing, because I decided to have coffee this morning and guess what! 3 sips and it was in the sink. I just wasn’t feeling it.

How I felt waking up: At 4AM!!! Going to bed early doesn’t always benefit you if you’re waking up early than you want to!!!

How I felt working out: No time for working out today, but took the stairs at work and walked to traffic court so that’s something right?

How I felt at the end of the day: Great! It was good to get out and socialize again. I had a glass of wine and half a turkey burger and didn’t even feel tempted to eat all the fries on my plate, I think I had about 5 🙂 I felt satisfied and know that this is going to be a positive change in my diet going forward.

Biggest Struggle of the Day: Deciding what to introduce back into my diet

How I feel physically/emotionally: Good/Good 🙂

Day 10: Thursday, January 17th

What I miss:  Not that much… I definitely think it is getting easier to not miss those things I once thought I “needed” to have – sugar being one of them.

How I felt waking up: Good!

How I felt working out: Strong

How I felt at the end of the day: Lighter

Biggest Struggle of the Day: knowing that I am going to MN and probably won’t get to eat as much fruits/vegetables as I would like

How I feel physically/emotionally: Good!