It seems like this is the time of year that everywhere I turn, there’s a article / blog posting discussing detoxes…. and a big part of me loves it!

I did two detoxes in 2013 and both were “great” in their unique way 🙂 The first one (which I posted my daily diary about it here) I did early on in the year with Ryan – the high level idea was cutting out the following foods for 10 days:

  • Meats

  • Dairy

  • Wheat/Gluten (basically all fluffy, flourly carbs!)

  • Caffeine

  • Sugar

  • Alcohol

What did I eat you say? A LOT of beans, quinoa, avocado, nuts and steel cut oats with various fruits. I seriously lived on the same three meals a day, which for me who tends to eat the same things on a regular basis wasn’t terrible, it was just the knowing that I was restricted to eating just those things that played mind games! It’s one thing when you choose to eat a certain way, like how I choose to eat a deliciously healthy salad for lunch and follow it up with a handful of M&M’s (I.can’t.stop) but to be so restricted! Yep, mini mental breakdowns!

Overall it was great and successful! (minus the teeny tiny glass of wine :)) We didn’t immediately go back to eating the “forbidden foods” but over time, they all snuck their way back into our lives kitchen – YOLO 🙂

The second “detox” I did was with some ladies at work and was called the Whole30. I’m sure most have heard about this as it seems to be getting a lot of internet coverage lately (including different versions such as Paleo). I probably wouldn’t consider this a detox as it is 30 days and really does change the way you think about food. The basis of this “lifestyle” was to eat like the cavemen/women did – so meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts. I definitely felt a little bit more freedom then during the first detox but having been a vegetarian for about 5 years prior to last summer, eating meat was a challenge. Unfortunately I couldn’t replace meat with beans/legumes or quinoa so the beginning was tough – but as the days / weeks went on, I really felt great! Afterwards I continued on with a Paleo type lifestyle and even today tend to shy away from those yummy carbs (I’ve had to face the facts that those lovelies sometimes are just not great for my tummy). That doesn’t mean I don’t indulge in baked goods every now and then…I’M A BAKER, its a lifestyle I chose many moons ago!

That brings me to today, where I’ve been contemplating when to start my next detox. I feel good knowing that I’ve done this before and confident I can stick with it but you definitely have to make sure you’re mentally ready. Like for instance, can you resist that amazingly delicious buffalo chicken dip at the Superbowl party…Um, I think not. So that means I probably won’t get started till mid-February, which is fine! My whole thing about detoxing or lifestyle changes is that you should be doing it for you and only you – not because some internet posting, magazine article or detox  junkie you meet tells you you have to. This thought process is also good to remember during the detox when you’re faced with a challenge like saying no to a glass of wine at a party where everyone is slurping down amazing cocktails and eating their weight in tacos….if having a teeny tiny glass of wine gets you through the night, and that’s your only slip-up, give yourself a pat on the back my friend!

While most detoxes are similar, the one I’ve be fixated on lately is from GOOP (Gwyneth Paltrow). I know, I know, everyone thinks she’s just so amazing, and yes I am one of those people but besides that, GOOP gives you such a great detoxing recipe lineup that it actually seems doable for anyone who’s never tried a detox.

Ryan, who wasn’t thrilled about any part of the first one we did, even seemed more optimistic about this one!

You can check out the details here and some great recipes here!

And of course EOnline did an interview with Gweeny talking about her detoxing tips which you can read here.

So that’s my little diddy about detoxing – Enjoy!


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