Feel Good for the New Year!

I’m not going to start off this post by saying, “this is something new I’m trying in 2014 and like I will totally be posting weekly…blah, blah, blah” by now, we all (the handful of us who read this blog) know that I am an inconsistent blogger. Super duper inconsistent. As much as it is my intention to become better and post more often, it’s been a real struggle for me! So, for a new goal I’m not going to hold myself to a certain number of postings a week / month but continue to post when I’m inspired and lets face it, have the time!

For this “Feel Good Links” post, I wanted to highlight some interesting links I’ve come across that are really meant to make you feel good (or help you achieve that “feel good feeling”). Hope you enjoy!

If you live in the Midwest (specifically Chicago for me), you are FEELING the winter blues. Like to the tenth degree. It has been the worst and the idea of warmer weather is no where to be found in the near future, in fact it will hit -20 (without the wind chill!!!) Tuesday. FML – why god, why. Check out this post about what to do when it’s this muther freakin cold out!

To continue with my detoxing research, I’d like to share this post about a super quick and easy morning detoxing routine that everyone could easily start!

I’m sure there are a million blog posts out there reviewing the gazillon makeup options offered to us ladies but I came across this one and really enjoyed it – I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to deciding on what makeup to buy so any / all suggestions are welcomed with open arms 🙂

Who doesn’t love when someone does a little bit of research on finding the “best bang for your buck” on wine – I mean, I obviously appreciate it as I did write this little ol’ post. Check out this one from People.

Lastly, lets touch upon resolutions as it is January and they are supposed to make us “feel better”, right? I found these two postings to be wonderfully refreshing compared to the traditional, self improvement resolutions. This chick is great and I totally love her blog – and this post, which sort of crass using the f word a ton, is just.so.awesome.


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