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What, I’m supposed to post recipes on my baking blog??? I definitely think my blog has been going through a bit of an identity crisis seeing as I haven’t posted a recipe forever but instead posted a lot of lists some that include things I would like to bake.

UGH. I wish I had a legitimate excuse but in actuality, I have a fear of lackluster posts that either don’t include pictures or include the haunting iPhone images (see every picture I posted last year, ick.) I just don’t think they do my baking/cooking justice and so I refuse to post pics until I can decide on a legit camera (Canon vs. Nikon…AHHH, it’s driving me nuts I can’t make a decision).

With that said, I still spend most of my days cooking and a select few baking so I thought I’d at least share those experiences, and of course maybe a recipe or two 🙂

As you can see I posted like 5 recipes today – overload, I know. That’s why I wrote this post to sum it up 🙂

What’s been cookin the past month you ask? Well let me tell you!

Lots of vegetable / chicken / quinoa combinations. When it comes to meals, I have an addictive personality which mean I can literally it the same thing each day every day. For instance, since the new year, my breakfast has consisted of the following:


Steel Cut Oats with Olive Oil, Sea Salt / Pepper, Avocado and Honey OR Toast with Olive Oil, Sea Salt / Pepper, Avocado and Honey. All day everyday ladies and gents.


Our dinners (and my lunches) have been a lot of sauteed onions and peppers mixed in with ground turkey / chicken sausage seasoned with an italian twist / mexican twist. Put that on top of quinoa and there you have it. Boring, maybe. Delicious, always. The best part, it all goes well with a little Sriracha on top 😉


What else?


For the SuperBowl – I made these Brown Sugar Browned Butter Cookies – kind of like the Snickerdoodle but oh la la, that browned butter….So freakin good. I actually don’t think this is the exact recipe I used but I lost track of what blog I found the original one on! (my recipe storage is a disaster – pinning, pocketing, bookmarking, copy/paste, ugh, I can’t keep track).


I also made this Whipped Feta Artichoke Dip inspired by this dip / spread. It literally takes less than 10 minutes to put together and such a crowd pleaser.


Pancakes Two Ways – I’m pretty sure all of my wonderful creations in the kitchen stem from inspiration by this lady so why wouldn’t my pancakes? She did this and this and so I did these Ricotta Scallion Pancakes and then these Peanut Butter Banana DCC Pancakes – YUM.


At work  (yes my real life job) we do a weekly breakfast and take turns bringing something in. I always bring in something homemade (obviously) – here’s what I brought last time –


Brown Buttered Brown Sugar Blueberry Banana Buffins inspired by these muffins.


Breakfast Quicherole – Ya totes just made that up but really this isn’t a casserole as it has a crust but also isn’t as dainty as I feel quiches are so….I guess my breakfast dish is also dealing with an identity crisis ha.


There you have it folks.


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