Bathing in the Internet




Naked and Famous – One of my new favorite bands (they opened up for the Imagine Dragons at a concert we went to last week) – I obviously realize they are well known to others – but they are new to me and are killing it on my daily at-work playlist.

More than 5 of these deliciously springy green dishes will come out of my kitchen this month, even it is in fact still.winter. #neverendingwinter #chiberia

Ryan and I started a 3-day juice cleanse on Sunday – it took me all of 6ish hours before I had a total breakdown and make something solid. SO, in typical me fashion I “modified” this cleanse to muster through these last few days. I’ve been eating about a 1/2 cup of quinoa for breakfast and lunch (along with my juices) and then a snack of fruits/vegetables when the hunger pain is unbearable. Needless to say I will never ever even think of doing a juice cleanse again. Maybe the line of juices we chose were less than stellar but overall it’s been a bad experience that I don’t want to revisit, ever – moving on 🙂

Love simple meals like this – Back in the day when I would gorge on pasta, I can’t tell you how many times I just tossed it with some good olive oil, salt/pepper and Parmesan…yum, doesn’t get much easier 🙂

Not that I can relate to all of these 24 Ways Your Already Acting Like an Old Lady, but here are a few and I often get called an old lady…alot…Funny when you’re in your twenties, not so funny that you just turned thirty and there are actually kids out there that will seriously think I am old 😦