About Me

Amateur baker? Yep, that’s me! Blog obsessed? Yep that’s me to! Have no idea what I’m doing? Definitely me!

Hi my name is Katie (Kate to my friends and family, KC to my co-workers) and I am here on this blog trying to prove to myself I can in fact write a blog.

I’ve been toying with the idea for about 2 years now – thought about it, researched a million other blogs, wrote notes about what my blog with consist of – I did it all, except actual start the blog 😉

Well here I am. Not exactly sure with this will turn into as I am taking it one day at a time. As of right now I’m mainly using it as 1) a way to store all my creative recipes (so I think) and 2) a place to entertain myself as I have 2, count it, 2 followers.

Additional info about me:

1. I live in Chicago.

2. As much as I love the city, I dream about living on a farm, in the south – preferably where it’s acceptable to wear cowboys boots to every occasion, listen to country music 24/7 and say “y’all” even though I was born and raised in Chicago.

3. I begin baking about 8 years ago? I can’t really remember the exact moment I realized this passion but I do recall making various Halloween treats for my co-workers when I was living in Florida (2005). I thought it would be “cute” to make bite sized everything. I spent endless hours in the kitchen creating these “cute” treats and after losing my mind in flour/sugar/eggs and butter, I couldn’t wait to do it again! The best part is that everyone love my treats! (insert pat on back :).

4. What inspires me? Other blogs!!!!! I literally get most if not all my recipe inspirations from other lovely baking blogs. Some might call me the baking blog stalker (I’m definitely not the biggest comment leaving individual) but they truly inspire me – I mean, most are women just like me (no professional experience) just chatting away about good food, life, love and what makes us happy!

5. What to expect? I like the motto – “under promise and over deliver”.

6. I have a dog name Lilly. Love her more than anything in the world. true.statement.

7. I also have an amazing boyfriend, Ryan, who does not love Lilly more than anything in the world. 7 pound dog that takes up 2/3 of the bed. true.statement.

8. Life scares me all the time. Life also stresses me out all the time. People call me a “stress mess”. People sometimes just don’t get it.

9. I’m addicted to sugar – Chocolate especially.

10. I’m decisive and indecisive all at the same time. Seriously? Who am I 🙂


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